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Switzerland Casino : serious sites to play online?

In order to provide the best possible advice to players of Swiss nationality, our guide lists the best online casinos accessible and authorized by the CFMJ. In effect since 2018, the Swiss confederation authorizes online gaming platforms, it complements its online gaming activity with that of land-based gaming houses. Here we are highlighting live casinos with live tables run by dealers, which we believe are the most ethical and serious.

Are you a Swiss player with a passion for casino games? Why try the online game live ?

Contrary to what many people are unaware of, online casino represents many advantages linked especially to new technologies but also to low taxes and structure costs which are minimized. Of course, the atmosphere of the land-based casinos Switzerland represents an undeniable attraction, however the Swiss online casino is not without interest, let’s see it closer.

Live software at the cutting edge of technology

Imagine that tomorrow you can play at from your home in a large Swiss casino by using cameras that broadcast in real time the facts and gestures of the croupiers. This type of technological feat is real, it is the live online game, realistic, it borders on perfection with unique animations. Live online casinos offer a variety of unmatched, in fact, because the live rooms in are pooled for several casino sites, the cost of personnel is much less to make a game table. Online, the Internet user has access to all known table games, unlike land-based casinos, which are often limited by the lack of players. 

In live not only you will find games classics such as roulette, blackjack or even Baccarat, Poker tables, but also specificities like 2-ball live roulette, Ultimate Texas Holdem, Ultimate Texas Holdem, the famous game of the fortune ” Crazy Time “, an adaptation of Monopoly Monopoly Live”, an improved version of the “Mega Ball” lotto live lotto” or even more unusual games like Dream Catcher or “Dream or no Deal In short, you will agree that the online offer is extremely complete and diversified to satisfy your passion for the game. Live casino” with live dealers are there to bring real entertainment to Swiss players without moving from their homes.

When new technologies make life easier for Swiss players .

Technically the live casino tables are animated by real dealers filmed in real time. In the past online gaming tables were simulated by software using a random number generator, this was often the cause of complaints as the output of the series was suspect. Live table games have supplanted these online games, creating an atmosphere of confidence for the player. In other words, cheating is non-existent in this type of gaming house for players in Switzerland. All live casinos provide gaming tables with live dealers from studios.

To be more precise, these studios are set up in a land-based casino and the player can visually access and place a bet. Initially installed in Costa Rica, these live studios have spread to Europe and Asia. They are open all year round and practically all day long. Note that it is preferable to play on establishments located in Europe to be in harmony with your time zone. Note also that the employees of these live studios are sorted according to their conduct, presentation and criminal records.

They are trained as dealers which allows them to be both professional and relaxed with the customers. The online staff is generally very pleasant, some dealers even have a sense of humor and have a friendly demeanor coupled with a service always impeccable. Depending on the country, the appearance of the dealers is different, we see original live casinos animated by undressed dealers, the erotic live casinos make a lot of ink flow but many followers appreciate these specificities related to the live.

Advantages of the Swiss live online casino

You play from home:

What could be more pleasant than playing in good conditions! You need concentration, smoke your cigarette, or use analytical tools to increase your chances of winning, the live online casino lends itself to all these requirements. No need to get dressed to go out, completely installed in a chair to be able to play at your speed without fearing for example to be subtilised your favorite slot machine during a moment of inattention.

Save money ” reduce your costs “:

No more travel expenses, gas and parking fees, or taxi costs. You limit by the same opportunity the risks of accidents on the roads or still abstinence from a glass of alcohol incompatible with your vehicle…

Receive exclusive and personalized bonuses:

Bonuses at an online casino are frequent and well often systematic. The online offer is much more advantageous than in a land-based casino where often the advantages are in the form of free drinks or other benefits in kind. Casino VIPs know this well, many raffles, free spins or cashback and cash bonuses are regularly offered. In general, you will have a larger budget and increase your chances of winning the many available and pooled jackpots. The consequence of these numerous bonuses will allow you to play longer.

A diversity of games and animations   :

With just one click, hundreds of games are available to you offered by suppliers with specific features that can only be found online… 3D slot machine, Mega Jackpots, Interactive Slots and many other gaming tables animated by live filmed croupiers. (Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Lotto etc…) Note in passing that it is possible to participate online tournaments, where the registered member spends well often a small amount of money at registration with a gain potential to satisfy his thirst for the best in the world. game without monetary drift.

The online casino that never closes:

Our Swiss night owl friends will not have to respect schedules, “online”, you can play all night until the early morning. The sites are open without interruption every day of the year.

Online games available on smartphone, tablet and computer :

The mobile online casino allows you to play on the interface of your online casino (where you have account) from your smartphone and tablet by downloading the operator’s application, you have thee casino games accessible from any location. Addiction is also controlled by the various operators who monitor the excesses of certain members.

Quality customer service :

And finally, the icing on the cake, you have a customer service that takes care of you, sometimes 24 hours a day. The notoriety being primordial on the Internet, the big Internet casinos invest on the quality of their customer service which is with the small care with their customers. Thus, personalized interviews are conducted via , live chat or even by telephone. Your financial transactions are encrypted, different online services allow you to receive money in discretion (electronic wallet, crypto currencies etc…)

Trends in casino games

The erotic casino

With online competition at an all-time high, new casinos are popping up regularly with new services. The Sexy Casino appears with young and enticing dealers but always This is a good reason to lose all your concentration!

The “Bitcoin” casino

Some online casinos offer a payment solution using cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash. This solution allows players to be anonymous but above all to withdraw their winnings from A small number of casinos are recommendable, we have classified them in the category Bitcoin Casino.

The casino with dealer live

Casino games with live dealers are a reference because they reassure players present on the canvas. Indeed, the draws of the games are filmed thanks to cameras and transcribed instantly online. From Real dealers are responsive and answer all player questions. This interactivity between the player and live casino dealers has become more democratic in 2016 with new players and technologies. The players live players can bet at gaming tables located in remote land-based casino lounges. They have all the to smoke their cigarettes while making their bets without having to go anywhere. Live Roulette and Blackjack are the most popular table games for live casino players.

Casino games on Mobile

More and more gamers are attracted to games on mobile phones such as smartphones and shelves. These flash games, html 5 are often without download. Simple and quick to use, they allow every enthusiast to have fun anywhere. This trend is becoming more and more common among online casino operators to increase their membership networks. The variety of games is not very huge. You still have to be vigilant because online addiction can become a concern.

Land-based casinos in Switzerland

Switzerland is a real paradise for lovers of casino. The Swiss Confederation has a small twenty or so land-based casinos, all of which offer slot machines, poker, roulette and black jack. In 2019, the 21 land-based casinos recorded a total gross gaming revenue of 742 million francs Swiss.

The Swiss gaming houses offer a total of 258 gaming tables. Roulette, blackjack and poker are available mainly practiced. At the same time, 4597 slot machines are offered. Across all gaming venues, the 17% of gross gaming revenue comes from table games (Blackjack, Roulette, Poker) and 83% from slot machines are slot machines and video poker.

Swiss casinos are classified into two categories A and B. The tax on gambling houses in casinos A is 60% of the B casinos, only 40%. The maximum stake in slot machines is limited to 25 francs per In the case of the B casinos, this is not restricted by law.

Top Gaming Houses in Switzerland – Category A

Casino de Montreux: Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the heart of the Swiss Riviera, the Casino de Montreux is the largest casino in Switzerland. It offers numerous table games and 364 slot machines. For a game in the heart of a mountain range, the Montreux casino is the best place in Switzerland.

2° Casino Baden: The Grand Casino Baden is one of the most popular gambling establishments in Germany. and the most sumptuous in Switzerland. Located less than a 5-minute walk from the train station in La Baden, a small spa town 25 kilometres from Zurich, offers an à la carte service for a wide range of customers. the Baden district’s top casino and the region’s main gaming hall, it is the only one of its kind in Switzerland. includes 25 roulette, baccarat and poker tables and over 310 slot machines.

3° Casino Basel: Everything you need to know to spend a magical evening at the Grand Casino Bazel, the main gambling centre in the French-Swiss border region. The Grand Casino Bazel or Grand Casino Basel is located a few kilometers from the French-Swiss or Swiss-German border, near of Basel Airport

4 Casino Bern : Everything you need to know about the largest casino in the Swiss capital: its opening hours, its game card, its advantages and its calendar of events. The Grand Casino Berne started its activities in the Swiss capital in 2002.

5 Casino Lugano: Try your luck at Casino Lugano and enjoy an evening of gaming memorable in pleasant company. More than 8 jackpots are up for grabs! With a complete range of games, the Casino of Lugano offers the experience of the game both contemporary and urban. This must-see destination in the Italian part of Switzerland will transport you to the world of gambling, including tables with croupiers and over 450 slot machines. A space will allow you to play horse racing.

6° Casino Luzern: With its real name Grand Casino Luzern, the casino of Luzern is worth a visit when you are in Switzerland and mainly in Lucerne.

7° Casino St. Gallen: The most important things to remember about the casino in St. Gallen, a place to be discovered by gambling enthusiasts for unforgettable moments. In St. Gallen, in the north-east of Switzerland, the splendid building of the Grand Casino St. Gallen can be seen.

8° Casinos Zurich: Some information about the casino in Zurich where you can easily combine warm evenings and games. … The adventure with the Zurich casino began in 2012. The house officially known as Swiss Casinos Zurich was built on 3,000 m2, which makes it one of the largest gaming rooms in Switzerland. For 10 CHF, you can enter this large building and discover a fun atmosphere.

List of licensed Swiss land-based casinos B

1° Casino Admiral: In Mendrisio, Switzerland, there is a special place where players can find offers to their liking. A look at the Admiral Casino! An imposing building located in the heart of Mendrisio in Switzerland, the Admiral Casino has been open for years.

2° Casino of Courrendlin: If you are in Switzerland, the casino of Jura welcomes you in its premises in Haute Rive 1. The opportunity to enjoy a variety of games, entertainment and other activities benefits.

3° Casino Crans-Montana: Every day from 10 am, the Casino Crans-Montana opens its doors to you doors. On the program, regular animations, interesting games and gourmet buffets. Thanks to a map of varied menus, a bar and a rich game library, the Casino Crans-Montana invites you to a world of emotions around the game.

4° Davos Casino: Davos, the highest city in Europe, is home to a famous gambling establishment. The latter offers table games, slot machines and many others. For your holiday and relaxation, the land-based casino in the Davos Valley offers a wide selection of exciting entertainment.

5° Casino of Fribourg: From the bar to the gaming tables, including slot machines and animations, the Casino Barrière Fribourg allows its visitors to furnish their stay. Between a rich game library and various shows, the Casino Barrière Fribourg offers you good moments of rest. It’s up to you to take advantage of it.

6° Casino de Genèvre: In Geneva, the Casino du Lac Meyrin seduces by the splendour of its building and by the numerous offers that one discovers there. Here is a short description of the complex.

7° Casino Interlaken: Relaxed atmosphere, wide range of games, flexible hours, peaceful and pleasant gardens… Everything at the Casino Interlaken is worth experiencing. Between The Casino Interlaken is only a 15-minute walk from the East and West Railway stations. Take a tour !.

8° Casino Locarno: Blackjack, American roulette or slot machines video ? Treat yourself to this opportunity at the Grand Casino, just a few steps from Lake Maggiore. Reference in the field of The Casino Locarno is a place where you can have fun every day. Find out more about this establishment.

9° Casino de Neuchâtel: Renowned for its gaming tables as well as its restaurant, it is a must if you are passing through the Swiss Jura and is worth a visit. The city of Neuchâtel in Switzerland has also his casino. For the owners, the goal was to create a place where visitors would have fun playing and the opportunity to experience leisure time as they have always dreamed of. Has more than 156 machines at its disposal under

10° Le casino du Lac: This casino of the Partouche group is located in Meyrin, close to Geneva and Lake Geneva. It is unique in that it is open almost 24 hours a day.

11. Pläffikon Casino: Swiss Casinos Pfäffikon-Zürichsee is one of the Swiss brands Casinos. Still called Swiss Casinos Lake Zurich, Casino Zürichsee is open 359 days a year in From noon to 3 a.m. from Sunday to Thursday and from noon to 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. differ depending on the type of game.

13° Casino of St Moritz : Information on the casino of St Moritz, a place of meeting and entertainment with offers that meet the need for relaxation and entertainment. The casino St Moritz belongs to the Casinos Austria International group, which has 35 gaming establishments in 14 countries around the world.

14° Casino Schaffhausen : The Casino Schaffhausen or Schaffhausen Casino is part of the of the Swiss Casinos brands. In its modest-looking building, visitors are welcomed in rooms filled with various games. Slot machines are present as well as blackjack, roulette and poker.

Swiss online casino legislation

Since June 10, 2018, Swiss gambling houses are opening their own online gaming platforms. 73% of the population had accepted the revision of the law on gambling, which resulted in the legalization of platforms. Online gambling profits are estimated at over CHF 250 million per year in Switzerland (according to figures from the Federal Department of Justice and Police).

The practice was made legal by the revision of the Gambling Act, but the competition is tough because hundreds of millions are at stake. According to statistics, several thousand people have already created an account on his site, mostly men between 25 and 45 years old.

Most of them are not regulars at the land-based casino. The average online expenditure is around 100 francs a month,” she says, “and the games are easier to access online. There are also more convincing marketing strategies, such as free sign-up bonuses and competitions, and the graphics are very similar to those of video games, which means that they are also aimed at young people. Online casinos are required to offer social measures against addiction, but prevention bodies would like stricter rules, such as player cards or a ban on notifications that encourage gambling.

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₿ Can you play at a Swiss online casino betting with Crypto currencies?

Some online casinos offer a payment solution using cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash See our list

🔞 What is the minimum age to play in a Swiss casino?

The age limit is 18 years

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