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Live Roulette Table Germany – Pragmatic Play

To satisfy its German speaking customers, Pragmatic Play has designed the German Roulette table. As the name suggests, the language used in the game is German. The moment you start the game, you will see the various menus and rules. The dealers themselves speak German. Access to a live chat will allow you to interact with the dealers in real time.

Pragmatic Play is now one of the live game developers that use the German language. This version of Pragmatic Play’s roulette game is set in a casino studio with a design inspired by German culture. The quality of the images broadcast live is simply impeccable.

In fact, dealers who are fluent in German have been chosen to help German-speaking players better understand the game. This minimizes the risk of confusion during the game. From the explanation of the rules to the announcement of the results, everything will be done in German. It should be noted that German Roulette follows the same rules as the classic European Roulette.

Presentation of Roulette Germany

The German culture is very present in the studio where the Roulette Germany game is played. Dark red and gold dominate the room. You can’t help but be charmed by the decor which is very well taken care of. And the games of German Roulette are filmed from several angles.

In addition to the betting table divided into 37 segments, in the middle of the studio you will find a dealer dressed in a very elegant suit. The interface of the game is generally easy to understand, you will have a menu that will allow you to choose among different possibilities in terms of betting. You also have the option to see statistics before you bet.

What are the rules to remember about this version of Roulette?

Although German Roulette is an online game, the principle is the same as in a physical casino. The rules of classic European roulette also apply during the game. However, it is necessary to be astute and follow some strategies to better cope. You also have the possibility to consult the listed games to avoid getting lost.

In the menu, you will have to choose the chips that you will then place in the betting table. The types of bets are so diverse that you will surely find the ones that suit you best. You have a few seconds to place them and once the time is up, the ball will be thrown and the turn will end only when it stops in one of the numbered squares. The dealer will accompany you through each step of the game. However, it is important to concentrate so as not to miss anything.

What strategy should I use to win huge amounts of money in Germany Roulette?

Roulette Germany is a game through which you can win huge amounts of money. With some strategies, you can even get the maximum winnings during a game. The Martingale rule is the one most used by the big bettors in order to acquire the biggest possible reward. This involves doubling the same bet after each loss until the number you choose is the winning number. Another strategy you can adopt is the Paroli system. It also involves doubling the bet on the same bet after each win. As with any type of gambling, no matter what the strategy, there will always be risks. The risk of running out of money to invest is quite high, but your chances of winning also increase. You can also try to cover half of the betting table with your bets. Another option is to bet on 5 close numbers. These two strategies are less risky than the previous two. The choice is yours, the most important thing is to win.

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