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table speed roulette ebet Speed Roulette Review

The games offered by online casinos are becoming more and more diversified, but roulette is a game that has never lost its popularity. In addition to slot machines, roulette games are indeed among the most popular games for gambling enthusiasts.

A few years ago, Ebet. com decided to expand its game collection by launching Speed Roulette. The developer has decided to revisit the concept of the classic casino game of roulette through his title. Indeed, the company wanted to offer a more modern, more entertaining version and above all a version that meets the expectations of bettors, whether they are veterans or beginners.

Speed Roulette is a variation of classic roulette to which the rules of standard roulette apply. And for its part, has decided to make Speed Roulette a game without a dealer to allow players to play freely.

About eBet Speed Roulette

The online gaming provider keeps on offering new games over the years. The regulars know very well that the developer never does things by halves. Indeed, this professional has once again amazed his fans with Speed Roulette, this totally automated and super fast version of the roulette game.

For those who do not particularly appreciate the presence of a dealer, has created a roulette wheel that allows them to play at their leisure. As the name already suggests, Speed Roulette from is a game where a game goes very fast. The roulette wheel can actually make between 60 and 80 turns in an hour.

In order to offer a game accessible to all, offers players the possibility to play Speed Roulette via computer or mobile 24 hours a day. Another very interesting feature of the game is the possibility to change the language used in the user interface. Gambling enthusiasts will never be at the end of their surprise with

How does it work?

It is especially important to understand how the game works before you start. When it comes to Speed Roulette, the rules and flow of the game are easy to understand. You just have to concentrate. Bettors will not have a hard time playing even though everything happens very quickly during a game. A game of Speed Roulette actually lasts only 25 seconds.

Speed Roulette is a game that does not require the intervention of a dealer. has arranged for each step of the game to be done automatically, which minimizes the time lost. has integrated a video recording system so that players do not get lost during the game. The supplier has opted for such a modern concept that even the results are sent automatically to the participants. So, since everything is under control, they will not have to worry about payment.

How to play Speed Roulette?

Those who have played standard roulette will know right away how to play Speed Roulette because the rules are very similar. This is a game that uses a classic European roulette wheel.

At the beginning of a game, participants must place their bets. However, you should take time to think before making a choice. Players can even view statistics that can help them better manage their starting funds. And since everything is already displayed on the screen, it only takes a few clicks to set the amount to be placed.’s Speed Roulette offers bettors the opportunity to make a few settings, such as activating automatic spins, regarding the bets before starting the game. The software used even has the ability to memorize the adjustments made by the players.