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Vivo Gaming and its Teen Patti table

Vivo Gaming has made a name for itself in the world of online gaming by offering modern and very attractive concepts. Indeed, the developer has distinguished himself by his ability to combine traditional rules with innovative features. The team recently released Teen Patti, a game filmed directly from a studio in Bulgaria.

Like Sic Bo, Teen Patti is a card game that originated in India. This entertainment, also called flush or flash, has also been adopted by Western casinos over the years.

Vivo Gaming provides resellers with a fully customized service. The operating system used does allow for customization of the gaming environment so that customers can play in the best conditions. In this article we will discover the characteristics of this new version of Teen Patti proposed by Vivo Gaming.

How does Teen Patti Vivo Gaming work?

Teen Patti is a 52-card, non-joker game that is similar in many ways to the 3-card poker game. Previously, the title, of Indian origin, was only offered by Asian casinos. But more and more western retailers are deciding to include it in their game collection.

In this version offered by Vivo Gaming, a real dealer who speaks English is in charge of animating the game. It makes the game more human. The main objective of the game is to try to reach the maximum possible value for each pot so that you can acquire them later. To do this, participants can ask players to lay down their hands as they can pray to land on the best three-card hand.

Participants are free to choose who they want to bet on. They can bet on player A as well as player B or C as Teen Patti has between 3 and 6 days. They can consult statistics before making decisions. This will probably limit losses.

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Teen Patti Vivo Gaming features

Vivo Gaming has focused on designing the game environment so that participants can enjoy a good atmosphere with Live Teen Patti. The team also decorated the studio with Indian cultural inspiration. A beautiful cream color was selected by the publisher for the betting table. The beautiful figures and flashing lights behind the dealer match the purple wall color very well. Everything has been done according to a better design.

Numerous HD cameras were placed in every corner of the room so that participants could enjoy every detail of the game. The quality of the images and the video stream leave nothing to be said.

Teen Patti by Vivo Gaming uses HTML5 technology. This is what makes it accessible via any type of device: computer, tablet, smartphone… It is therefore possible to start a game anywhere and at any time.

Special feature of Teen Patti by Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming’s Teen Patti is a live game with a mechanism designed to make it easy for participants. The developer is very flexible when it comes to payment methods. They do accept all common currencies and even virtual currencies.

It’s a title that anyone can play because the user interface is available in 26 languages. In fact, everyone is free to choose the language they are familiar with.

In order for bettors to play with peace of mind, Vivo Gaming has also decided to strengthen data security by following strict measures. With a system monitored by experienced professionals 24/7, dealers and customers have nothing to worry about.

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