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Welcome to Treasure Island – Ferris Wheel of Fortune from Pragmatic Play

This is Pragmatic’s third live Ferris wheel game, joining Mega Wheel and Sweet Bonanza Candyland. “Treasure Island” is a fascinating and captivating game released in October 2023 that immerses players in an adventure full of suspense and hidden treasures. We have classified it in live games such as ” Loteries and Shows Games “. Inspired by the Classic Maritime Adventure, Based on the famous novel “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson, this game transports players into a world of pirates, treasure maps and mysterious islands. The game is designed with rich and detailed graphics that create an immersive atmosphere of high seas and adventure.

Game and Mechanics

  • Varied Bonus Games : “Treasure Island” offers a total of 6 bonus games. This includes 4 traditional bonus games and 2 bonus features that are designed to be quicker and less complex.
  • RNG and Interactivity : Most games are based on an RNG (computer-generated) mechanic, with the exception of one game which uses a physical device, adding an element of interactivity and suspense.

Strong points

  • High Winning Potential : Some bonus games, such as the “Card of Billy Bones” bonus game, offer exceptionally high payouts, up to 15,450 to 1.
  • Return to Player Rate : The game is distinguished by a high return to player rate, with all bets offering a return of at least 96.5%, making it attractive to strategic players.

Target audience

  • Money Wheel Game Fans : “Treasure Island” is particularly appealing to fans of money wheel games, thanks to its blend of luck and strategy.
  • Variable Game Experience : The game is suitable for a variety of players, whether they are looking for a quick experience or a more elaborate and strategic game.

Pragmatic describes Treasure Island as “an immersive game that transports you to a desert island full of adventure… played by spinning a large vertical silver wheel of 54 sectors, and featuring 6 exciting bonus games.” That really covers the basics. After all, Ferris wheel games aren’t exactly complex science. Choose your segments, and hope the wheel flapper lands on your choice for a fixed win or entry into a bonus game. In the latter case, a Treasure Island-themed game will determine your win either through computer-generated random means or some sort of random selection device.

Treasure Island Betting Options:

Precious Stones:

Topaz (yellow), Emerald (green) and Ruby (red) are your straight bets which collectively occupy 39 of the 54 sectors of the wheel.

Note that gems specify a payout range rather than a single payout. This is because once bets are closed, their payout value will be determined by the reels adorned with skulls in front of the wheel.

Wild Collector:

Wild Collector, Great Hunter, Great Scavenger , Ben ‘s Lost Marbles , John Silver’s Loot, John Silvers’ Loot, Billy Bones Map , Captain Flint’s Treasure ” Captain Flint’s Treasure “>> All are clearly marked on the game’s bet selector.

bet treasure island

Bets Payouts and Return to Player

Below are the payout ranges for all bets and their respective theoretical returns – all around 96.5%. The Wild Collector is the ‘value’ bet at 96.56%, although not by much.

ParisNumber of SegmentsReportsRTP
Topaz211-10 : 196.52%
Emerald141-40 : 196.50%
Ruby83-100 : 196.50%
Wild Collector32-900 : 196.56%
Great Scavenger43-450 : 196.53%
John Silver’s Loot22-10,000 : 196.54%
Ben’s Lost Marbles32-10,000 : 196.54%
Billy Bones’ Map25-15,450 : 196.55%
Captain Flint’s Treasure110-15,000 : 196.52%

Wheel of Fortune Treasure Island, with 6 Bonus Games

  • 2 Bonus Features “wild Collector, Great Scavenger”
  • 4 Bonus Games: “John Silver’s Loot, Ben’s Lost Marbles, Billy Bones’ Map, Captain Flint’s Treasure”

Wild Collector

When betting is closed, a number of lights around the wheel light up. The size of the highlighted area varies from part to part. If the wheel stops on the “Wild Collector” segment and is covered by your bet, you collect all gems in the lit area. Only gem sectors are eligible to be collected in the “Wild Collector”. Each gem collected earns your stake multiplied by the corresponding gem multiplier. Your initial stake is additionally paid once per bonus. Your total winnings are displayed in the winning message on your screen.

wild collector treasure island

Great Scavenger

After betting closes, up to 6 lights can light up on each mini-slot. Each lit light represents a gem of that type and is awarded if the wheel stops on a “Grand Scavenger” segment.

When “Grand Scavenger” is triggered, reels of gems that have not yet reached their maximum value may randomly reroll, awarding a higher value for the corresponding gem.

If the wheel stops on a segment of “Grand Scavenger” and it is covered by your bet, the collected gems of each type are added together, multiplied by your stake and, correspondingly, by the multiplier assigned to the stones precious. Your initial stake is additionally paid once per bonus. Your total winnings are displayed in the on-screen winning message.

great scavenger treasure island

John Silver’s Loot

If the wheel stops on the “John Silver’s Booty” segment, the bonus is triggered. It is played with a drawing device containing 40 balls:

  • 10 yellow balls and 6 black balls with a yellow gem on them, each ball representing a topaz.
  • 10 green balls and 3 black balls with a green gem on them, each ball representing an emerald.
  • 10 red balls and one black ball with a red gem on it, each ball representing a ruby.

In the bonus, the slot has three reels, each corresponding to a different gem type and containing multipliers of up to 20x. The multiplier on each reel is multiplied by the value of its associated gems. Sometimes certain reels may re-spin randomly at the start of the bonus, assigning a higher value to their corresponding gemstone for that particular bonus round.

john silver's loot treasure island

Ben’s Lost Marbles

The “Ben’s Lost Marble” bonus is played on a pachinko-style device, reminiscent of pinball arcade games. Three dice are rolled to determine how many balls will be released.

Each die has three sides marked with the number 1, two sides with the number 2, and one side marked with the number 3.

A mini-slot inside the pachinko device reveals the initial values ​​of the gems. Sometimes certain reels can be re-spinned and award a value to the corresponding gemstone, reaching up to 4 times the initial value.

If the wheel stops on the “Ben’s Lost Marble” segment, the gems collected from each category are added together, multiplied by your stake and correspondingly by the multiplier assigned to the gems. Your initial stake is additionally paid once per bonus.

ben's lost marbles

Billy Bones’ Map

If the wheel stops on Billy Bones’ map, you will see a treasure map hiding a variety of prizes. The great treasure hidden in the chest is revealed at the start of the bonus…

In addition to the gem prizes, there are three keys hidden in the Billy Bones map to discover, which will allow you to unlock the chest and score the big win. You have a total of five attempts to click or tap the selected fields on the map. Once the selection time is up, the card will reveal all the hidden values ​​and you will receive the corresponding prizes from the fields you selected on the card.

billy bones' map

Captain Flint’s Treasure

If the wheel stops on the “Captain Flint’s Treasure” bonus segment, you will be transported to an underground cavern full of barrels, spread over six levels.

To collect as many treasures as possible, you must go down carefully, level by level, selecting the safe barrels, because some barrels are traps and hide “skumms” inside. If you find one, your descent ends there, and the choices made in the lower levels will be canceled.

captain flint's treasure

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Frequently Asked Questions about Treasure Island

What is Treasure Island from Pragmatic Play Live?

treasure island

Treasure Island is an innovative live “show game” brought to you by Pragmatic Play Live. It’s a big wheel gambling game that combines the thrill of roulette with immersive bonus game elements.

How to play Treasure Island?

Players place bets on where they think the wheel will stop. They can choose from straight gem bets or bets on various bonus games. Once bets are placed, the wheel is spun to reveal the outcome.

What are the types of bets in Treasure Island?

There are straight bets on Topaz, Emerald, and Ruby gemstones, as well as bets on bonus games like Wild Collector, Great Hunter, and others.

How are payouts calculated in Treasure Island?

Payouts vary depending on which segment the wheel stops on. Payouts can be increased by multipliers which are determined after all bets are placed.

What are the bonus games in Treasure Island?

Bonus games include Wild Collector, Great Scavenger, and others, each with unique mechanics that can lead to significant payouts.

Are there multipliers in Treasure Island?

Yes, some segments of the wheel feature multipliers that can significantly increase players’ winnings.

What is the RTP (Return to Player) of Treasure Island?

The RTP varies for each bet type, but it generally hovers around 96.5%, which is typical for big wheel games.

Is Treasure Island available on mobile devices?

Yes, like most games from Pragmatic Play Live, Treasure Island is optimized for mobile devices and can be played on smartphones and tablets.

Can I play Treasure Island for free?

Live casino games generally require real money wagering, so it is unlikely that a demo version will be available.

Where can I play Treasure Island?

Treasure Island is available at online casinos that offer Pragmatic Play Live games. Check the live casino section of your gaming site to see if they offer it.

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