VIP Platinum Blackjack

vip platinum blackjack

💝 Evolution Gaming casino selection : VIP Platinum Blackjack

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Blackjack Platinium VIP live is part of the Evolution Gaming VIP edition. Another live blackjack table that only opens its doors to the elite, as the bets here start at €250.

In effect, Blackjack Platinum VIP is a live table similar to the VIP solutions offered by Evolution Gaming, with optimal streaming and professional dealers. Does this table really live up to its very select status? Let’s find out in the next few paragraphs.

Live Blackjack Platinium VIP

At first glance, Blackjack Platinum VIP is a live blackjack table similar to Blackjack Diamond VIP. The reason for the publisher’s special interest in blackjack is the game’s great popularity among online casino enthusiasts.

The publisher’s expertise allows you to enjoy a perfectly designed game. The camerawork, smooth replay, and neat décor make Blackjack Platinum VIP an immersive blackjack table.

As a VIP edition, Evolution Gaming wants to please the big bettors, as the minimum bets easily reach €250. Thanks to the use of the latest technology in game development, one can easily play Blackjack Platinum VIP with a simple smartphone or computer.

How does VIP Platinum Blackjack work?

Blackjack Platinum VIP is a fairly exclusive live table that caters to a certain type of player. The high quality promised to this clientele is guaranteed by a limited number of seats to 7.

Beginners and experienced players alike will have no trouble getting into the game’s atmosphere. The rules are identical to those of traditional blackjack. We cannot therefore speak of a variant here. Various decisions such as stand, split or double are de rigueur, as well as the famous “insurance”.

In short, Blackjack Platinum VIP is a quality live blackjack table for high rollers looking for the thrill of the game, with bets and staff to match.