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Vivo Gaming Casino Holdem Game Review

Vivo Gaming software has decided to expand its game collection by launching a new title that will take players on a Texas Hold’em Poker -like experience: Casino Hold’em. This is a game that pits players against dealers. You have to be lucky enough during the draw as the winner will be the one with the highest hand.

The main bet in Casino Hold’em is usually to predict the winning hand. Today, it has an RTP of 97.84%. However, Vivo Gaming has thought of incorporating a secondary bet that can lead to additional winnings if you form a poker combination by adding up the cards in your hand and the community cards. However, players will have to go through the main bet in order to access this bonus bet.

How to play Live Hold’em Casino?

A betting period marks the beginning of a Casino Hold’em game. Participants will have to choose the betting options and the amounts they want to place. They only have a very short time to think. They will then be asked to place their bets on the relevant fields using the chips that are made available to them.

Once the betting time is up, bettors will move on to the next stage of the game, which is the drawing of the cards. The dealer will do this. He will place two cards face up in front of each player sitting around the table. He will place two more in front of himself, but face down. The dealer will then draw three cards to be placed in the middle.

When the dealer finishes drawing the cards, players can choose to continue playing or stop. Those who decide to withdraw from the game immediately will not have to pay the call bet. At this point, those who continue to play may also decide to place other bets that can pay off big. Indeed, there is a bet that pays 2x the Ante bet. At the end of the game, the dealer’s cards will be revealed and the hands will be compared. The winner is the one with the strongest hand and the rewards will be given to him/her.

Betting and Payout Options: Vivo Gaming Holdem Casino

In order to keep bettors entertained, Vivo Gaming has decided to incorporate a primary and secondary bet into Casino Hold’em. As far as wagering limits are concerned, you should know that they vary from one dealer to another, the maximum recorded is $10,000. It’s up to each person to bet as they see fit, but keep in mind that you’ll have to double your starting bet every round.

In Vivo Gaming’s Casino Hold’em, payouts vary depending on the winning hand combination. The AA secondary bet is an attempt to form a poker hand using the two cards in hand and the three community cards. You must have at least one pair to hope to walk away with the minimum payout of 7:1. Those who like to play poker will immediately understand the principle. Some combinations, like the royal flush, can pay 100:1. The rewards can still be very enticing.

Our review of Vivo Gaming Holdem Casino

Casino Hold’em is a very popular game among online gambling enthusiasts today. This is mainly due to the fact that it gives the feeling of playing poker without having to confront each other. It is a game that both beginners and advanced players can play because of the easy-to-learn rules.

A game of Casino Hold’em can be reminiscent of games that used to exist. You will play, however, in a more innovative and obviously more captivating setting. Vivo Gaming has really succeeded in adding a modern touch to this table.

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