War of Bets

BetGames War of Bets game review

BetGames tries to diversify the games it offers to satisfy as many customers as possible. The developer currently has several live games including War of Bets which is a card game that is attracting more and more players over the years.

War of Bets is a game with easy to learn rules. It is enough to concentrate during a game to understand how the game works. For the developer, the challenge was to design a game that did not make life difficult for the participants. However, the player must face the dealer in this card game offered by BetGames. Participants are free to choose from a variety of betting options. The cards will be drawn one by one until the highest card appears.

How to play War of Bets?

War of Bets is a card game that pits the player against the dealer. The latter is also in charge of distributing the cards during the game. The winner is the one who receives the highest card first. The ace is the highest card in War of Bets.

Participants have the opportunity to bet on several outcomes at the same time. The most daring can place their bets before the cards are dealt, these are the first round bets. Bets placed after the first card is drawn are called second-round bets. Odds and payouts change as the game progresses.

A draw occurs when the total values of the cards placed are the same for both games. And only those who bet for a draw will pocket money at the end of the game.

Rules of the game to consider

It is essential to understand the rules of the game to put all the chances on your side. It takes only a few seconds to learn the rules of War of Bets.

It is important to remember that the two parties that will be competing in the game are the player and the dealer. The cards will be drawn by the dealer. The first card drawn during the game will go to the player.

The cards will be placed one by one until each pile receives a face-up card. The values will then be compared to determine the results of the game. The side that receives the card with the higher value wins the game.

Explanation of bidding rounds

It is especially important to be aware of every detail of the game so as not to be misled. As far as War of Bets is concerned, a little explanation of the bidding rounds will only be beneficial to the participants.

The first round of bidding takes place before the cards are drawn. Players can bet on one or more possible outcomes. The second round of bidding will begin once the player receives his first card. Players are free to choose between the two possibilities, which do not depend on each other. Keep in mind, however, that the odds applied in the first round are different from those that will be applied in the second round.

Betting options in War of Bets

Being aware of the different types of bets helps to increase the chances of winning. War of Bets has four betting categories that players can choose from.

The first category includes the various main bets. Bettors can bet on the player, the dealer or the outcome of the game. The other three categories are considered secondary bets: color, costume and evaluation. Participants can bet by trying to predict the colors of the cards, their symbols or their values.

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