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xxxtreme lightning baccarat

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The Lightning games collection continues to diversify over time, now encompassing an ever-widening range of options. The XXXtreme variation is an attempt to further intensify this variety through increased volatility. XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat combines our world-class Live Baccarat with the chance to score amplified payouts on your winning hands, just like Lightning Baccarat. The main difference is the ability to receive more Lightning cards, which come with higher multipliers.

The available multipliers can climb up to an impressive x10, and are also offered in greater quantities (between 4 and 8) compared to the initial Lightning Baccarat. However, this increase in the power of multipliers is accompanied by an increase in the commission, which goes from 20% to 50%

The game takes place in an exciting environment, with an interactive user interface that brings a whole new dimension to the classic live Baccarat gaming experience.

XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat presents an exciting variation of our popular game Lightning Baccarat. This new Baccarat targets an audience of reckless players, ready to embrace the risk of seeing their funds evaporate in the blink of an eye.

Features of the XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat

  • Operator : Evolution
  • Variation: Baccarat with multipliers such as x2, x3, x4, x5, x8, and x10
  • Composition: 8 decks of cards of 52 units each and a virtual deck of 52 cards for multipliers
  • Additional Commission: 50% of the initial bet
  • Pace of the Game: New round every 40 seconds
  • Duration of the Setting Phase: 15 seconds
  • Betting Limits: From $ÂŖâ‚Ŧ ​​1 to $ÂŖâ‚Ŧ 5,000
  • Return to Player Rate (RTP): 98.68%
  • History: View the results of the last 120 draws
  • Availability: The table is accessible 24 hours a day.

Discovery of Baccarat XXXtreme: Key stages

  1. Betting stage: Like classic baccarat, the player has the option of placing his bets either on the Bank, the Player, or on a Tie. Baccarat XXXtreme also introduces side bets to allow betting on perfect pairs. The main stake of the game remains unchanged compared to traditional baccarat: bet on the hand which will come closest to 9 points. The magic of multipliers is made possible thanks to a commission charged automatically, equivalent to 50% of the bet made.
  2. Lightning Moment: After finalizing bets, the Lightning Moment triggers, revealing between 4 and 8 Lightning cards at the bottom of the screen. XXXtreme is distinguished by multipliers which can go up to x10. The major attraction of this variation is the opportunity to aggregate several important multipliers to arrive at a cumulative multiplier. For example, if a winning hand shows a card with a x10 multiplier and another card in that same hand sports a x8 multiplier, then the total win will be multiplied by x80. However, it is important to temper your enthusiasm: hitting a win multiplied by 1000 is a rather illusory prospect, because it would require the combination of three cards with a multiplier x10 each.

After the Lightning phase, the player and the banker are dealt two or three cards, in accordance with the classic rules of the Baccarat game, depending on the value of their respective hands.

In case of victory with a hand containing one or more matching Lightning cards, the winnings are increased accordingly. In the presence of three matching Lightning cards, total winnings can be multiplied up to 1,000 times. To add even more excitement, a winning bet on a tie with six matching Lightning cards can result in an incredible 2,850,000x multiplier!

limits xxxtreme lightning baccarat


Here’s a quick summary of payment options, but please note that each wager is subject to a 50% fee.

  • Player : The payout ranges from 1:1 to 1000:1.
  • Banker : The payout is 1:1, except for a 3% commission, which is lower than other baccarat games. The maximum payout is also 1,000:1.
  • Tie : The payout is 2.85:1, compared to 5:1 at Lightning Baccarat, with a maximum of â‚Ŧ500,000.
  • Pairs : The payout is 8:1, unlike Lightning Baccarat’s 9:1, with a maximum payout of 800:1.


It is worth noting that the fee associated with this game is 50%, making it by far the highest among all the live table games offered by Evolution. This pricing could potentially discourage some players.

However, Evolution anticipated this reaction by offering an alternative: if you like the concept of the game but worry about the volatility of costs, you can turn to the new ProsperityTree Baccarat, developed by the same studio. This game guarantees eight multiplier cards on each spin, while being much more suitable for smaller budgets.

Game strategy for XXXtreme Lightning

No strategy will tell you which cards will receive multipliers, their values, or how many flash cards there will be for a round of play. They are chosen at random from a virtual deck of 52 cards by an RNG (Random Number Generator) engine. No human intervention is involved. It’s a “closed box”, so you can’t predict anything.

The second element is knowing which position to bet on. Many people use various strategies to predict the outcome in Baccarat, and all of them can be used in XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat. Experienced players use Baccarat “Roadmaps” cards by looking at previous results to determine what will happen next. Many maps are derived from the results to present the information differently than how you would usually read the results. This provides a different perspective that some players find useful.

baccarat roadmap

One strategy for XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat is to pick a position and stick with it until it loses. We double the stake for the next bet, with the choice of an alternative position, the player continues to bet until the loss. This is a great strategy if there are a few wins in a row, but you need a lot of capital to cover your losses. See our article on Baccarat strategy

Comparison of Live Evolution Baccarat tables

Live Baccarat Table Player / Bank Equality Pairs Fees
Lightning Baccarat1 – 512:15:1 (up to 500k)9 – 576:120%
XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat1 – 1000:12.85:1 (up to 500k)8 – 800:150%
Golden Wealth Baccarat 1 – 512:11 – 512:19 – 576:120%
Peek Baccarat1:18:111:120%
Prosperity Tree Baccarat 1 – 27:15 – 3645:110 – 90:120%


XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat combines world-class live Baccarat with an opportunity for players to increase their winnings on a winning hand, just like Lightning Baccarat. The main distinction is the ability for players to receive more Lightning cards and benefit from larger multipliers.

During each round, between four and eight Lightning cards are randomly generated and awarded Lightning multipliers of up to 10x. Additionally, a 50% fee is added to each player’s total stake, which is clearly displayed in the user interface. The game takes place in a thrilling environment, complete with an interactive user interface that brings a whole new dimension to the traditional Baccarat game.

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Frequently asked questions “XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat”

What is XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat?

xxxtreme lightning baccarat live

XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat is a more volatile version of Lightning Baccarat, meaning you can get up to eight multipliers on each spin, with the possibility of winning up to 1000:1 on Player/Banker wins and 2,850,000 on a Tie.

How does it differ from other versions of Baccarat?

The main distinction of XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat from other versions is its increased volatility and the presence of up to eight multipliers each spin. This feature allows players to have a chance of winning significantly higher amounts.

What is the RTP (Return to Player) of XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat?

The RTP of XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat is 98.68%. Side bets, such as those placed on Player’s Pair and Banker’s Pair, have an RTP of 90.45%.

Where can I play XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat?

You can play XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat at all Evolution live casinos. Make sure you choose a casino that collaborates with Evolution Gaming.

Are Roadmaps available in XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat?

Yes, the XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat offers five Baccarat Roadmaps, which are available to track the results of the current dealing shoe.

How do multipliers work in XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat?

Multipliers in XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat increase the possible winnings in each round of play. Up to eight multipliers can be applied, maximizing winning potential.

Are there side bets in XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat?

Yes, the game offers side bets such as Player’s Pair and Banker’s Pair, with separate RTPs from the main game.

How volatile is XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat compared to other versions of baccarat?

XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat has a higher volatility compared to other versions of baccarat, which means that the winning potential, as well as the risks, is higher.

How can I maximize my winnings at XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat?

To maximize your winnings, you may want to consider betting strategies, understand how multipliers work, and use roadmaps to make informed decisions during play.

Are there any specific strategies to adopt for XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat?

As with all versions of baccarat, it is essential to understand the rules and odds of the game. Given the volatile nature of XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat, players are advised to manage their bankroll carefully and set betting limits.

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